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SAABI is delighted to announce that we support Quit Clinics  your 100% online health care practitioners. This decision supports our commitment to positioning SAABI products in line with the intent of the new Australian legislation, and is consistent with our commitment to exceptional quality and ethical practice. Our Australian customers can now discuss with their doctor their needs, and doctors can now prescribe SAABI Nicotine Delivery Systems that can be dispensed by your local pharmacy.
Visit Quit Clinics Here:
How It Works:
Medical & Smoking History (5 minutes)

Complete our secure online questionnaire. Our clever tech will ask you individualised questions related to your medical and smoking history. This allows our doctors to provide a treatment that is specific to you and maximises your chances of quitting smoking for good.

Age Verification (2 minutes)

Quit Clinics is only available to current or ex-smokers over the age of 18. We’ll need some extra details so that we can confirm your age. Your privacy is important to us. Any personal data provided is securely handled by the same verification software used by banks and insurance companies.

Doctor Review (24 hours)

An Australian doctor will review your case and get in touch with you within one business day. All of our doctors are passionate about helping smokers quit, and are TGA Authorised Prescribers of nicotine/vaping products. If Quit Clinics doctors are unable to help, they will explain why and a full refund is available.

Prescription Issued (24 hours)

Receive an electronic prescription within 24 hours delivered to your email inbox. A copy of your prescription can also be sent to your chosen pharmacy.

Ongoing Support (12 months)

We’ll keep in touch every three months to check in and ask you a few short questions about how your smoke free journey is going. Throughout the year we’ll share tips from our doctors and patient community about how to stay off the cigarettes.

Refer a Friend (anytime)

Research shows that if you quit at the same time as someone close to you, you’re more likely to succeed.