Saabi Device

A Revolution in Technology

Revolutionizing Vaping Technology with SAABI:

SAABI is manufactured under the ISO 13485 quality management system, ensuring the highest standards of production, and is fully compliant with RoHS and CE certifications, guaranteeing product safety and regulatory adherence.

Empowering Your Health Journey with SAABI:

When considering smoking cessation, vaping cessation, or managing nicotine dependence, it’s crucial to engage in a conversation with your healthcare professional. Not all medications designed for these purposes are alike. In Australia, various smoking cessation medicines evaluated and approved by the TGA offer alternatives with different health profiles compared to vapes.

Take the initiative to consult with your doctor or another qualified health professional about the array of options available for quitting smoking, ending vaping habits, or effectively managing nicotine dependence. These discussions may encompass prescription medicines, nicotine replacement therapies, and comprehensive support services.

It’s noteworthy that, as of now, there are no therapeutic vapes evaluated by the TGA and included in the ARTG for smoking cessation or nicotine dependence management. Goods not listed in the ARTG are termed unregistered or ‘unapproved,’ indicating that they haven’t undergone TGA assessments for quality, safety, efficacy, or performance.

As with any prescription medication, your doctor retains the discretion to prescribe a therapeutic vape based on clinical appropriateness. Considering the associated health risks and the absence of TGA-approved therapeutic vapes, these products are not positioned as a primary approach to smoking cessation or nicotine dependence management.

For additional information and support, reach out to Quitline at 13 7848 or visit the Quit Now website (external site) for valuable resources. SAABI is dedicated to supporting you on your journey toward a healthier lifestyle.

Introducing our Slim Line SAABI Device, equipped with advanced technology for an enhanced vaping experience. The device features temperature-controlled dry burn protection technology to ensure a consistent puff with each use. Enjoy the simplicity of replaceable cartridges, providing a reliable connection for effortless vaping.

Our device eliminates the need for buttons with its draw-activated switch, making the vaping process straightforward and intuitive. Convenient charging is achieved with the Type C USB charger, allowing a quick charge in just 30 minutes. Despite its compact size, the device offers up to two hundred and twenty puffs per charge.

SAABI is dedicated to transforming your vaping journey through technology, focusing on reliability, simplicity, and an outstanding experience with every use.






WARNING: This product may be hazardous to health and is intended for use by adult smokers. Keep out of reach of children and pets. SAABI products are not suitable for use by: persons under the age of 18+ or 21+ Depending on your country/region, pregnant or breastfeeding women, or persons who are sensitive or allergic to nicotine, and should be used with caution by persons with or at a risk of an unstable heart condition or high blood pressure.

All SAABI® Products are manafactured under or meet the below criterion requirements so as to satisfy the relevant body.